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Dyce Boys Club Constitution

Club Constitution

1. Name of Club

The name of the club shall be Dyce Boys Club F.C. (the Club)

2. Object

To foster the development of Youth Football by organising Coaching, Facilities and Teams.

3. Membership

3.1 Membership of the Club shall consist of boys up to the age of 18 and by invitation only and irrespective of race, colour or religion provided that: 
a) parental consent form has been signed and is held by the relevant age group coach;
b) payment of the Annual Club Administration Fee has been received;
c) there has been acknowledgement and acceptance of the Club’s Code of Conduct. 
3.2 The Annual Club Administration Fee must be paid 28 days after the commencement of the season or 28 days after the player being registered by the S.Y.F.A. / A.& D.J.F.A.

The Annual Club Administration Fee shall be as agreed at a Management Committee Meeting/AGM.

4. Committee

4.1 The Club will be managed by the Management Committee. Membership to the Management Committee will be by invitation only, and only persons with three years standing on the General Committee will be considered. 

4.2 The Management Committee will appoint a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and five others. The total of nine being the maximum.

4.3 The day to day running of the Club will be the responsibility of the General Committee. The General Committee will meet the first Monday of each month.

4.4 The Finance Committee will organise the finances of the Club and consist of five members of the General Committee.

5. Liabilities

5.1 All parties connected with the Club including, but not limited to, players, parents / guardians, fellow coaches and Management and General Committee members shall be bound to indemnify each other:
a) against all liabilities necessarily, properly or reasonably incurred by them in the day to day running and management of the Club;
b) against liability for all claims made against them as representatives of the Club in respect of any decision or act, whether of commission or omission, made or done in the exercise of their 
duties insofar as any claim may be due to wilful misconduct.
5.2 All parties concerned with the Club are expected to conduct themselves in a proper and sporting manner at all times.
5.3 Any financial liability, as a result of wilful damage, shall be the responsibility of the relevant party and the Club will not be held accountable for any financial claim and / or loss in such circumstances.

6. Teams

6.1 All teams representing the Club shall play in Blue and White Hoops, Blue Shorts and Blue Hose with three white bands at the top. 
6.2 The Club’s badge shall always be embroidered on the front right side of all Club kit / apparel. Unless otherwise authorised by the Management Committee. 
6.3 The Club’s badge will only be of two sizes 75mm high x 58mm wide; 59.5mm high x 51mm wide. 
6.4 The running of the Club’s football teams shall be the responsibility of a Team Manager / Managers appointed by the Management Committee and responsible to them.

7. Meetings

All meetings, convened on behalf of the Club, must be minuted and presented at the next General Committee meeting.

8. Vetting

The Club will only appoint Managers, Coaches and Officials who are willing to: 
a) complete and sign the Club’s Volunteer Agreement and Profile Forms;
b) comply with the Club’s vetting procedures, and produce proof of identification e.g. Birth Certificate, Passport and Driving Licence;
c) comply with the S.Y.F.A. Player Protection Policy and complete a “Disclosure Scotland / PVG Application” to be submitted to the S.Y.F.A. Protection Officer who will on approval send it to the SYFA National Secretary.

9. Powers of Committee

9.1 The Management Committee is vested with the power to make any bye-laws it considers necessary in the interest of the Club. 
9.2 The Management Committee is vested with the power of election of all delegates and representatives as occasion requires and of appointment of sub-committees elected from and by members of the Management Committee.

10. Voting

10.1 Decisions at meetings of the General Committee will be taken by a majority of those teams present. All present will have one vote and the President, or whoever chairs the meeting, will carry the casting vote. 
10.2 Officials granted Honorary status will be entitled to attend all meetings and have continued voting rights.

11. Change of Rules

11.1 No rule of the Club shall be repealed, altered or amended or a new rule made, except at anA.G.M. Notice of the proposed change must be given to the Secretary at the Committee meeting prior to the A.G.M. The Secretary will then inform all members at that meeting of the proposed changes. 
11.2 No Club rule will be repealed, altered or amended, or a new rule made unless such repeal, alteration or new rule obtains at least two thirds majority of the members present.

12. Annual General Meeting

The Club A.G.M. will be held at the same time each year at a date to be decided by the Management Committee.

13. Accounts

13.1 The Club will keep proper books of accounts and it will be the duty of the Treasurer to present the Committee with these at the A.G.M. The funds of the Club will be lodged in a Bank approved by the Management Committee.
13.2 Cheques are made payable when signed by any two members of the Management Committee. All accounts above £25 will be brought before the General Committee for approval.
13.3 The financial year shall run from 1st August to 31st July each year.

14. Sponsorship

Sponsorship will be considered for any of the Club’s individual teams. The ultimate decision regarding sponsorship will be taken by the Management Committee. 

15. Dissolution

In the event of the Club being dissolved, any property remaining after all debts have been paid will be put at the disposal of Youth Football in Aberdeen.

Dyce Boys Club - 2023

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